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The Best Pizza in Town

Create a menucard

This tutorial covers how to create a menucard and display it in the navigation menu. You can do this tutorial when you already have created at least one product for the menucard, covered in this tutorial.

Create a navigation menu

To have a proper navigation menu like the one you can see in the demo from this theme, we need to create one in the adminpanel. In this tutorial you will learn how to do that. 

Using shortcodes in posts and pages

This tutorial covers the way you can add shortcodes to pages and posts in the Restaurant theme.

Add a product for a menucard

In this tutorial we’ll cover how to create a product for a menucard in your restaurant theme. You will learn how to make a product and assign this to a category.

Custom sidebars

In this theme you can add your own custom sidebars, this tutorial will cover how to do that.

Installation of The Restaurant

First of all, to use The Restaurant wordpress theme, you need to install it on your server. In this tutorial we’ll cover how to do that.

Huitlacoche Tamale

Creole Tempeh

Polenta Nera Cake

Pumpkin Curry